my life as a dinosaur

there's a guy who rocks out while playing his keyboard near my house every weekend, but the great part is the keyboard is clearly playing itself on "demo mode". nice!please click to read it larger, i promise it's worth it. here's the transcript if you're lazy:

T-Rex: So this homeless guy asked me for change yesterday.
T-Rex: The first thing I thought was "Sure!".
T-Rex: But THEN I thought well, wait, if I really want to fight homelessness wouldn't this money be better spent on community programs that fight it, both through helping the homeless and through political change? But then I thought, well, this guy's right here, you know, and saying I'm gonna to make a donation isn't gonna cut it. And then I thought, wait, this guy looks pretty out of it - is he going to spend my money on drugs? Do I want to tacitly support addiction?
Dromiceiomimus: And then you thought how prejudiced that was?
T-Rex: Sure did!
T-Rex: Then I thought, even if he is going to spend it on drugs, is it my job to deny him money? Should I go around enforcing my morality on others? Then I thought, geez man, how ridiculous am I that a guy asking for change throws me into these throes of self-doubt and analysis?
Utahraptor: Pretty ridiculous?
T-Rex: Pretty ridiculous! But then I recalled Socrates' "the unexamined life is not worth living" and at that point my head pretty much exploded.
Dromiceiomimus: Did you give the guy anything?
T-Rex: I gave him all my change and whispered "DON'T TELL ANYONE UNTIL I CAN FIGURE US OUT"?